Kenya's Ministry of Energy and Petroleum has approved a strategy for the artisanal and small-scale mining sector for 2021-2025.

The Artisanal Mining sector is a key contributor to both rural incomes and livelihoods. However, a number of key constraints limit its economic potential, including informality, difficulties in attracting finance, limited business skills of ASMs, poor health and safety standards, a shortage of access to geo data, and inefficient and environmentally damaging exploration, extraction and processing techniques. Addressing these constraints as part of a comprehensive strategy is essential to ensure that the value of the sector is efficiently harnessed for broad-based, equitable sustainable development. The focus of the strategy is the artisanal mining sector with underlying purposes of promoting its professionalization and transformation into small-scale mining operations. This position does not downplay the importance and value of artisanal mining to Kenya’s economy. Rather, it extends from the belief that technical improvements, implemented alongside an enabling legal and regulatory environment can bring increased value to stakeholders at all levels. Development of this strategy demonstrates the Government’s commitment to improved management and performance of the artisanal mining sector through the allocation of sufficient human, technical and financial resources for coordinated, consistent and ongoing programming.