PAMP, a world leading bullion brand becomes authorized supplier of Fairmind gold

PAMP and Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) are pleased to announce that PAMP is now an officially authorized supplier of Fairmined Gold sourced products, specifically gold bullion and semi-fabricated products. The new collaboration is yet another step to support artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) operations, and help to ensure better mining practices, greater social development and environmental protection within their communities.

As a world leading bullion brand and most accredited refiner and fabricator of precious metals in the industry, PAMP continually seeks out new ways to further its efforts toward sustainable development. Located in Ticino, Switzerland and a vital company within the MKS PAMP GROUP, PAMP plays a leading role in the formulation and implementation of responsible precious metals supply chain practices. Since January 1st, 2017, PAMP has been the first and only refiner to be certified for responsible sourcing of all precious metals – in addition to gold, as required by the LBMA.

PAMP is proud to join over 160 refineries, mints, and jewelry brands that are currently working with Fairmined. PAMP routinely exceeds industry and government regulations within Switzerland and worldwide, and global regulatory bodies consistently seek PAMP’s expertise when implementing and maintaining regulatory statutes. The Fairmined Authorized Supplier status provides yet another example of the ways in which PAMP continually makes accountability of its position within the precious metals supply chain the highest priority. Together, PAMP and Fairmined represent unparalleled dedication to greater transparency and the highest ethical standards throughout the entire supply chain.