Mongolia in the spotlight at International forum

Representatives from the Ministry of Mining and Industry, the Bank of Mongolia and the SAM Project elaborated on the state of ASM in Mongolia at the International Forum on Responsible Minerals Supply Network in Paris in April.

The forum provided an opportunity for a review of the implementation of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Minerals and other initiatives aimed at encouraging responsible mineral production and sourcing.

Held from April 17-19 and jointly organised by UNESCO, the Great Lakes Region International Conference and the UN experts from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the forum brought together more than 700 stakeholders to discuss drivers for the responsible sourcing of minerals, the alignment of industry programmes, the OECD portal for supply chain risk information, government monitoring of guidance uptake and promotion, company risk mitigation and reporting, the role of commodity traders, and country-level implementation progress in India, Europe and West Africa.

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