Ch. Otgonbaatar: We are acknowledged by world standard, and our miners have become more responsible

The “XAMODX” artisanal mining NGO, established in 2005, represents more than 300 artisanal and small-scale miners extracting gold in Bayan-Ovoo soum, Bayankhongor aimag. In 2012, the Special Mines mining company entered into a tripartite agreement to explore mining with “XAMODX” and the Bayan-Ovoo soum government on their site.

In 2015, with support from SDC’s SAM Project, “XAMODX” became the first ASM organisation in Asia and one of only two in the world to receive Fairmined Ecological Gold certification from the Alliance for Responsible Mining - a special Fairmined label for gold produced without the use of mercury or cyanide - having fulfilled more than 200 standards affirming that the organisation’s operations were economically, technologically and environmentally responsible.

The Fairmined Ecological Gold certification opened doors for “XAMODX” to export its gold to ethically mined world gold markets at fair prices, with an additional premium per kilogram. The premium is rewarded for ethical behavior within Fairmined Standards, for creating sustainable workplaces, and for contributing to poverty reduction. It is also used to support artisanal and small-scale miners and local community development. The NGO verifies its activities through an international audit organisation. In 2015, it exported 1kg of Fairmined Ecological Gold to the world market and received USD $6000 as a premium. This year they entered into an agreement with the Trade Gold company from Germany to export and sell Fairmined Ecological Gold to the European market

“XAMODX” NGO head Ch. Otgonbaatar said: “Our NGO is proud of exporting Fairmined and Ecological Gold to the world market. We received USD $6000 as a premium, which we spent on the development of our local community’s prosperity. XAMODX is acknowledged by world standards, and our miners have become more responsible for occupational health and safety in the workplace and they work sustainable.

Fairmined and Ecological Gold jewellery and other products are available in 18 countries, including Australia and countries in North and South America, Europe and Asia, and can be bought online. Brands interested in sourcing Fairmined Gold for their products can find suppliers in the US, Canada, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Colombia. High-end luxury accessories produced by Chopard and Gucci now use fairmined and ecological gold in their products, and Nobel Prize laureates now receive medals made from fairmined and ecological gold.